Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Window Film

Daylight and sunlight are a single source of natural solar energy which we need to allow into our buildings through glazed apertures, as daylight for visual tasks, vitamin D absorption and as thermal energy for useful heat gains. However, the harmful effects of UV light can cause premature skin ageing, cancers, the fading of soft furnishings and damage to structural materials. 

Windows provide a vital connection with the outside world and have traditionally been covered by blinds, curtains and shutters. With the modern world’s rising temperatures though and the unpredictability of the weather, the energy density of daylight and sunlight vary by an increasingly huge range. Heat Reflective Window Films, otherwise known as Solar Reflective or Solar Control Window Films, are one way to take control of the heat and light passing through your windows, in order to reduce heat and glare and prevent overheating and excess glare.

What Is Heat Reflective Window Film?

Heat or Solar Reflective Film is a speciality synthetic tinted sheet usually made from polyethene terephthalate (PET), a thermoplastic polymer resin of polyester. Solar Control Window Film can have a variety of properties depending on the intended function of the Window Film and is applied to windows and screens as a retro fit, to decrease the solar energy and harsh sunlight entering the inside space. 

Our Solar Control Window Films are expertly designed to significantly reduce and block solar heat and glare through many types of glass, improving the ambience and quality of workspaces, living spaces, classrooms and laboratories.

solar control window film technology
heat reflective window film technology diagram

Solar Reflective Film Properties

Though the properties of Solar Control Films can vary widely across the industry, Sureguard Window Films® Solar Films are available with the following features:

  • Reflective

  • Non-Reflective

  • Spectrally Selective

  • Insulating

  • Energy-efficient

  • Tinted or Coloured

  • Mirrored

Our entire range of Heat Reflective Window Films can reduce solar heat gain and glare from the sun by up to 90%, depending on your workplace, office, home, windows and outdoor temperature conditions.

Additionally, Solar Control Window Film can act as a Daylight One Way Privacy Window Film. This promotes increased security and privacy by achieving one-way vision during daylight hours to protect you, your property and your valuables from prying eyes, while still allowing clear and complete vision to the outside.

Our Solar Control Window Films can significantly minimise the pressure on your property’s air conditioning system and cooling units, helping to increase efficiency year-round, reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

How Solar Reflective Window Film Works

Solar Control Window Film is a polyester product impregnated with a metal coating, predominantly by either a metalised or sputted process. The mirror film reacts to the strongest light source, thus creating the effect of a reflective mirror or a neutral grey look, depending on the film type, function and colour.

During the daylight hours where the sun’s glare is at its peak, an individual looking in toward the treated window will see only a mirror or neutral grey surface. The inside view, however, remains visually transparent and offers a full panorama with just a hint of tint. 

Solar Control Window Films from Sureguard Window Films® are applied to your existing glazing in order to reject and reduce the overall effect of the sun, including heat and glare.

This application is also commonly referred to as:

  • Mirror Window Film

  • Window Tint

  • Window Tinting

Sureguard Window Films® provides varying degrees of window tinting to glass, windows and other reflective surfaces, to effectively reduce the amount of heat streaming in, especially through windows.

Solar Film Benefits For Your Business

n the summertime, solar heat and glare can make life uncomfortable at the office, at home or on the shop floor. As the temperature rises, working efficiency falls, with hot temperatures often causing discomfort, a lack of patience and even bringing out hot tempers. Installing window blinds may seem like a viable solution, but these cannot keep you cool; they just keep out the light. 

It is well known that ambient temperatures within workspaces can have a huge impact on how productive your team is. Studies show that productivity drops significantly by 4% per degree when temperatures rise above 27 degrees, this is of particular concern within businesses requiring manual labour. 

This issue also affects frequent computer users, as discomfort and eye-strain are caused by glare from the sun reflecting on their visual display units. This can have a severely detrimental effect on the running and profitability of a company, though glare should be considered as part of any DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Workstation Assessment. Less productive workers often mean a less productive business and ultimately a less productive economy. 

Windows contribute to the way offices look and feel, but windows with no film allow strangers a full-view of any potentially private meetings or practices, while also making rooms hot and uncomfortable during the summer months. Rather than installing air conditioning units or using heavy-duty fans, keeping your workplace private and your team cool with Heat Reflective Window Films allows you to keep a lid on your energy bills and not watch them go through the roof.

Sureguard Window Films® Solar Control Films acts as a powerful aid to minimise glare and overheating, providing a far more comfortable working environment and offering a cost-effective way to reduce glare in any office environment. All Ultra-Violet barriers in solar and neutral films filter up to 99% of UV transmission, protecting goods from rapid deterioration.

Heat Reflective Window Film is a tried and trusted solution within thousands of businesses across the UK and is currently used by millions of organisations throughout the world to combat the effects of extreme heat and glare from the sun. 

Transform your workplace today and improve your working environment with the installation of Solar Control Window Film to gain a pleasant and more productive place to be.

Our Heat Reflective Window Film Range

Solar Control Window Films from Sureguard Window Films® are available in neutral, mirrored, silver, copper, grey, green, blue, gold, red and many more shades. Where possible, the product is applied to the internal face of the glass, depending on availability and compatibility with the glass to be treated.

At Sureguard, our Solar Gard Sentinel Plus range provides excellent heat rejection with a nearly invisible design. With low reflectivity, this range is an ideal solution for reducing energy consumption, increasing thermal comfort and protecting the interior of your home from damaging UV light. The Sentinel Plus QX 70 and 40 are suitable for most modern glazings.

Sentinel Plus QX 40

  • UV Light Rejection 99%
  • Solar Energy Rejected 72%
  • Visual Light Transmission  46%

The Sentinel Plus QX 40 is a perfect solution for heat rejection, without changing the appearance of your window. It’s natural look makes it almost impossible to see. 

It features glare control technology which aims to reduce discomfort and distraction whilst controlling the amount of light entering via the window. 

The Sentinel Plus QX 40 reduces energy consumption, minimising costs. The Window Film prevents heat transfer while still allowing light to enter your property. 

The Sentinel Plus QX 40 is a 100 Micron thick Window Film that will  minimise damage in the unfortunate event that your window is broken. This adds an extra layer of protection, eliminating the risk of shattering. 

The Sentinel Plus QX 40 is compatible with most modern glazings. 

Sentinel Plus QX 70

  • UV Light Rejection 99%
  • Solar Energy Rejected 63%
  • Visual Light Transmission 69%

The Sentinel Plus QX 70 has increased light transmission in comparison to the Sentinel Plus QX 40. You’ll also experience less solar energy rejection. 

It’s a great option if you’re looking to reduce glare and energy consumption, while only minimally changing the overall aesthetics of your windows. 

The Sentinel Plus QX 70 can safeguard your furniture, as excessive sun exposure can often fade and damage it. The sun’s harmful rays can damage your skin too – even when you’re inside! With the Sentinel Plus QX 70 you’ll be protected, reducing harmful rays by up to 99%.

The Sentinel Plus QX 70 is a 100 Micron thick Window Film that will can minimise damage in the unfortunate event that your window is broken. This adds an extra layer of protection, eliminating the risk of shattering. 

The Sentinel Plus QX 70 fits almost all modern windows. 

For more information on the Sentinel Plus QX 40 or 70 range, get in touch with us today.

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