Switchable Window Film

Switchable Window Film

Sureguard Window Films® offer a range of high-quality retro-fit Switchable Window Film. Switchable Window Film, or Smart Film, offers complete visual privacy and security at the flick of a switch or the press of a button. They can have enormous benefits for both commercial and domestic buildings where you need the option to decide when and how much privacy you need at certain times of the day. 

Smart Window Film can make any room multi-functional by acting as a partition, electronic blind, or screen for conference rooms. You can transform one room into multiple different and aesthetically pleasing spaces with glass partitions and Smart Window Films to monopolise space.

Once installed, Smart Window Film transforms Glazed Partitions, Screens, and Windows from Opaque ‘Etched’ glass to completely clear when power is applied.

What is Switchable Window Film?

Switchable Window Film is an effective alternative to using blinds, offering instant privacy to increase visual security within your property. It is an ideal solution for an office or home environment and is an alternative to changing the glass completely. This elegant and professional solution, coupled with our expert-quality installation service, is fully warranted.

Switchable Window Film is otherwise known as Smart Film and is an effective option for changing your glass to Switchable Glass. Made in the UK, Switchable Window Film range is a prestigious way to transform any clear glass to privacy glass and back to clear again at your convenience.

Our Switchable Window Film range is designed to suit your requirements depending on your desired purpose and how accessible the controls need to be. We can offer a control switch option located on or near the windows or remote controls, making transforming the treated glass even easier. When turned off, our Switchable Window Film appears as frosted glass ensuring some degree of privacy and can also double up as an ideal surface for a projection screen in boardrooms and conference rooms.

Key Benefits of Smart Window Film

  • Increased privacy in homes and commercial buildings

  • Multi-functional – can be used for privacy, security or projections

  • Easy to use with a remote control system – can be controlled at the press of a button

  • Reduces natural light transmittance minimally

  • Expertly trained and reputable Installers

Our Range of Switchable Window Film 

We have supplied and professionally installed Switchable Window Films for a wide range of commercial and domestic properties, giving you complete control over your privacy. Take a look at examples of our Switchable Window Films in action below.

Book Your Switchable Window Film Installation 

If you are looking to have Switchable Window Film installed in your home, office or workplace, enquire about our Switchable Window Film today. We offer free, nationwide site surveys on request, where you can discuss your requirements and view a sample of the Window Film in action. 

Due to Switchable Window Film being a product that needs designing to fit your unique glass setup and designs, it is important to work with professional Installers. The Sureguard team of Installers are highly trained at installing Window Film to ensure quality for many years, performs at the optimum level and is easy for you to maintain. Book in a survey and professional installation today by giving our friendly team a call.

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