Digitally Printed Window Film

Digitally Printed Window Film

Why not utilise the windows you have as an advertising opportunity? Sureguard Window Films® can help you unlock the potential of advertising for your retail or commercial space through the use of large format digitally printed window film.

We provide printed designs on window film or sign vinyl. Using a combination of print and machine cut solutions, we can offer a layered approach to decorative and branded window graphics. This ranges from simple designs to complex images and logos. With digital printing, we can also incorporate photographs to achieve your branded masterpiece.

Branding with Digital Printed Window Film

Whether it is to emphasise your products, services or branding, or simply to satisfy glass health and safety requirements with manifestation, adding graphics to your glazing is the ideal solution for maximising your own free marketing space!

The use of digitally printed window film offers a range of bespoke and tailored branding solutions.This is ideal for any existing glazing systems, interior decor, partition screens, architectural installations and shopfronts.

The Sureguard Window Films® Process

We can print graphics onto clear, frosted, and colour window films and vinyls ready for installation to smooth glass (not textured or curved in more than one direction). We can also print white and metallic colours onto frosted or clear films and vinyls. The resulting printed window films are eye catching, scratch resistant and hard wearing.

Sureguard Window Films® can also add digitally printed and machine cut window graphics to solar window films, which control heat and glare through glass. In addition to this, graphics can be added to our safety and security window films. This allows the completed installation to achieve safety and anti shatter performance in line with British and European Standards BS 6206 and EN 12600, as well as reducing UV transmission by up to 99%.

ContraVision and Digital Printing

ContraVision, also known as ClearVision, is a one-way vision application. We can offer this product in both an external or internal variant. There are tiny perforations in this material; from the viewing side, which is black, your line of sight is concentrated through the perforations to look through ContraVision. On the opposite side, which in its raw form is white, we can print any design. In the past, we have printed a paint colour to match the surrounding walls, disguising the window entirely. We have also printed logos, landscapes, and photographs. On the white or printed side of ContraVision, your line of sight is attracted to the white or printed finish, not to the perforations. This solution is commonly used on the likes of buses, taxis and telephone boxes as a cost-effective, changeable advertising platform.

Digitally Printed Window Film

Full aftercare is provided on completion of each installation, to ensure the continued quality and clarity of digitally printed and machine cut window graphics. If you would like to find out more about our services, get in touch with the Sureguard Window Films® team today and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

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