Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film is ideal for both businesses and homes to obscure vision into and out of an existing window. While allowing sunlight through your windows can be beneficial for our health and to provide natural light, in some situations, ensuring a certain level of privacy is essential to protect the people, furniture or technology inside.

Sureguard Window Films® offer a broad range of Privacy Window Films in many styles, colours, and finishes. Whether you are looking for a Total Blackout Privacy Window Film or a more decorative Frosted Privacy Window Film, all of our Window Films offer a range of exceptional functions to keep your properties private and safe.

Types of Privacy Window Film

There are two main categories of Privacy Window Films. Within each category, there are a range of finishes available:

  1. Daylight Hours One-Way Privacy Window Film for daytime privacy – this film allows vision through the treated glass from one side while providing complete privacy from the opposite side.
  2. Total Privacy Window Film prevents vision through treated glass 24-hours a day. Total Privacy film blocks vision from both sides of the treated glass for the ultimate privacy solution.

One-Way Privacy Window Film for Daytime

Daylight Hours One-Way Privacy Window Film works on an imbalance of light. The brighter side is a reflective surface or mirror, which is “flooded” with the strongest light source (typically daylight). The opposite “darker side” of the Window Film allows you to see through the window in a usual fashion, usually meaning that those inside can see out, but people outside aren’t able to look in.

This type of film requires a lux differential of at least 4:1 (60/40 ratio) in favour of the brightest side of the window film. During low levels of daylight and throughout the night, if artificial light is being used inside the room, the privacy effect will reverse.

To achieve the ‘one-way’ effect; the outside needs to be brightly lit (either by daylight or floodlight). People looking in from the outside will see a mirrored surface, whereas people inside will see a tinted pane of glass.

The opposite effect occurs when the light from outside is less bright than indoors, where people outside the property will be able to see inside and those indoors will see a reflection of themselves. In a domestic dwelling or commercial space, this tends not to be a concern due to the use of blinds or curtains of an evening giving people inside privacy.

Both types of Privacy Window Film are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, including: Frosted; Blackout; Whiteout; Coloured and Opaque Privacy options.

Total Privacy (24 Hour Privacy) Window Film

Total Privacy Window Films achieve a complete block of vision from both sides of treated glass. Options are available to provide privacy while minimising the reduction of natural light transmission. Alternatively, Privacy Window Film can be a total block out of light and vision varying in colour or design such as black, white, and Digitally Printed Window Film.

Styles of Window Privacy Film

Frosted Privacy Window Film

Privacy Frosted Window Film is a highly popular choice for homes, offices, and partitions, offering:

  • Instant Total Privacy
  • Natural light
  • Acid Etched appearance
  • Various colours

Sureguard Window Films® range of Frosted Privacy Window Films allow you to achieve the following functionalities: visual security; increased comfort; glare reduction and style, while still maintaining natural light transmission. All our Frosted Privacy Window Films have scratch-resistant coatings for a finish that lasts.

Our frosted range includes a variety of colour allowing a choice of blue, pink, green, gold, white, grey, and more.

Below are several examples of our Frosted Privacy Window Films, though this is not our complete range:

Opal Frost Vinyl

This white frost has a traditional, etched look to seamlessly create modesty to the privacy tint while diffusing glare and maintaining light transmission. It is an 80-micron vinyl for privacy with a Class B fire rating and BS EN 13501-1:2007 compliance.

White Etched Frosted Film

Traditionally known as Acid Etched Window Film, this Total Privacy Window Film has fashionable white etched frosting. It is a 50-micron thickness Window Film that reduces UV transmission by 99% and has a special scratch-resistant coating for a finish that lasts.

Whiteout Privacy Window Film

Our Whiteout Window Film offers complete privacy while eliminating visible glare, reducing UV light (protecting against fading) and reducing natural light transmission by 99%. It is a strong polyester White Window Film of 75-micron thickness.

Blackout Privacy Window Film

Sureguard Window Films® Blackout Window Film is similar to the Whiteout, in that it achieves complete privacy while eliminating visible glare, eliminating UV light transmission and natural light transmission.

Mirror Privacy Window Film

Mirrored Privacy Window film is a type of Daylight Hours One Way Privacy Window Film that also reflects heat, glare, and light, thereby reducing UV transmission. These heat reflective Privacy Window Film improve comfort levels, working environments and reduce air conditioning costs, making them suitable for business and domestic office environments.

Sureguard Window Films® Reflective Window Films offer Daylight Hours Privacy, so are ideal for offices and other spaces that require complete privacy during the daylight hours.

Silver 20 Window Film

This type of privacy tint for home windows provides Daylight Hours One-Way Privacy and limits the fading of furnishings and interiors, starting at 50-microns in thickness. This range of Silver Reflective Window Films offers superior heat, glare, and UV light control. Our Reflective Silver 20 is also available in a Safety variant at 100-microns thick and a Security variant (anti-shatter, bomb blast protection) at 200-microns.

Silver Safety Window Film

This high-performance Mirrored Window Film also improves glass safety to a minimum of BS EN 12600 2B2 (previously BS6206). Our Silver Safety Window Film provides buildings with safety and security. Depending on micron thickness level, these Window Films can also protect against flying glass, minimise injury, reducing downtime and clear-up time if a window does smash or crack.

Reflective Silver Opaque Window Film

Silver Reflective Opaque Window Film is a 24-hour Total Privacy Window Film. It is a privacy glass tint, etched grey on one side (the inside) with a Reflective Silver Mirrored finished to the outside (the adhesive side), reducing Solar Heat Gain; Glare, UV Transmission, and natural light.

Key Benefits of Using Privacy Window Tint Film

  • Provides privacy tint for home windows or businesses where needed e.g. in boardrooms, home offices, and bathrooms without compromising on natural light.
  • Reduces glare in the workplace or at home for easy viewing of a computer or television screen without straining your eyes.
  • Protects your skin, furnishings, and overall property by reducing the transmission of the sun’s UV rays.
  • Decorative appearance – you can partition business offices, conceal untidy areas, freshen up old windows and modernise your bathrooms or living areas.
  • Reduce damage should your window break by adding protection and prevent glass from being sprayed into the property and across the room.

Order Privacy Window Film for Your Home or Business Today

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For more information on specific types of Window Film or for further technical information, see the downloadable data sheets to learn more about their performance.

Downloadable Privacy Window Film Performance Data Sheets

Black Matt Vinyl

Blackout Window Film

Bronze Opaque Window Film

Clear Vision Vinyl

Crystal Etch Vinyl

Dusted Etch Vinyl

Grey Opaque Window Film

Opal Frost Vinyl

Reflective Opaque Window Film

Satin Crystal HD Vinyl

Silver Etch Vinyl

White Etch Frosted Window Film

White Gloss Vinyl

White Matt Vinyl

Whiteout Window Film

3M Frosted Crystal Vinyl

Black Gloss Vinyl

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