Security Window Film

Security Window Film

The time and effort required to force entry is substantially increased with Sureguard Window Films® Security Window Film. Our 175 Micron Window Film is the minimum specification for the MOD with regards Bomb Blast protection, and in the event of any attempted burglary offers a definite line of defence.

In the event of an attack, attention is drawn by the constant sound of breaking glass from the repeated blows required in the attempt to gain access is sufficient deterrent.

Sureguard Security Window Film

Available in Clear, Obscure, Reflective and Coloured options, Security Window Film from Sureguard Window Films® provides protection for glass in every thinkable situation.

With the occurrences of theft on the increase and the spiralling costs in insurance premiums can you afford not to protect your assets with Security Window Film?

Security Window Film from Sureguard Window Films® are tested to with-stand brick, stone and scaffolding pole attacks. The results of which have shown, in most instances, no point of entry or as a minimum, an increase in time to gain access to premises via glass windows, patio doors or access route/s where glass is situated and protected. This shows that with Sureguard Window Films® Security Window Film, the perpetrator is slowed down and the attempted entry hindered.

In recent installations, Security Window Film from Sureguard Window Films® has been helpful in collecting DNA to lead to arrests.

We must stress that Security Window Film from Sureguard Window Films® does not totally protect the glass from breakage.  The Security Window Film creates another thick impenetrable layer. If anyone is that determined to break in through glass, Security Window Film from Sureguard Window Films® is a line of defence and imparts strength to the glass. In the event of a breakage, Sureguard Window Films® holds any broken glass in place and reducing shattered glass and denying entry. Continuous hammering, consistent throwing of projectiles will indeed crack the glass and therefore at some point the glazing will have to be replaced and re-filmed.

Types of Security Window Film

Sureguard Window Films® offers a range of Security Window Film varying in thicknesses and performance. Sureguard Window Films® also offers a number of combined ‘1 fits all’ security combined Solar Control or Privacy Window Films. Security Window Films vary from 175 Micron to 350 Micron which we are happy to discuss and or specify depending on your individual situation and level of protection required.

We offer a survey service where one of our trained members of staff will visit your property and specify the most effective solution taking into account performance; time scales; budgets etc

Sureguard Window Films® installations are backed by a warranty and aftercare service.

These are but a few benefits of using our Bomb Blast Window Film:

  • Minimises injury

  • Minimises ‘down time’

  • Clear finish

  • Coloured/combined variants available (Solar Control and Privacy)
  • Minimal disruption during installation

  • Fully trained and experienced installers

  • The satisfaction of using a well established reputable organisation

  • Full warranty (length of warranty dependant on Window Film type).

Security Window Film for Spontaneous Combustion

Small impurities find their way into the glass from the manufacturing process of toughened and tempered glass. The most common is small shavings of stainless steel (nickel sulphide inclusions) which increase the internal stresses in the glass. When the stress exceeds the strength of the glass it breaks/shatters.

In overhead glazing and curtain wall situations, a combination of security film from Sureguard Window Films® and edge retention can protect against injury.

Edge Retention Systems for Window Security

Edge Retention is an anchoring system that marries high performance Bomb Blast Window Film with a mechanical “clamping” solution to provide maximum levels of security and safety and mitigates bomb blast.

As window systems vary in design and construction on each building, Sureguard Window Films® can work with you to carefully select the most effective method of edge retention which is most suited to the frame design. This will allow us to ensure that optimum level of protection is achieved.

This system works when using the Bomb Blast Window Film to hold the glass fragments together while the edge retention system retains the entire pane of glass.

Downloadable Security Window Film Performance Data Sheets

Clear 175 Micron Window Film

Clear 200 Micron Window Film

Clear 250 Micron Window Film

Clear 350 Micron Window Film

Silver 20 200 Micron Window Film

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