One Way Privacy Window Film

One Way Privacy Window Film

Businesses and homes alike can benefit from the privacy, visual security, solar heat reduction and one-way vision that our Window Film range can achieve. Daylight Hours One Way Privacy Window Film restricts vision through one side of the treated glass by making one side reflective, leaving the opposite side as the viewing side.

Daylight Hours One Way Privacy Film for Businesses and Homes

Sureguard Window Films® Daylight Hours One Way Window Film is fantastic for properties adjacent to pavements or windows where passers-by can easily view and look in. Window Film is often considered a line of defence, protecting building users, equipment, and sensitive information from unwelcome attention. Residential spaces also feel safer and more secure from prying eyes with One Way Window Film for daylight privacy.

Our range of Daylight Hours One Way Window Films can also be classed as Solar Control Window Films as they help to control solar heat gain, glare and UV light transmission, reducing the need for heavy-duty air conditioning systems. Solar Window Films also protect furniture, carpets and rugs from UV Light, minimising fading effects.

If you are looking for Window Films that protect your property day and night, we also offer a broad range of total Privacy Window Films, blocking vision from inside and outside 24 hours a day.

Our Range of One-Way Window Films

The Sureguard Window Films® One Way Window Film complete range is available in many styles and finishes to achieve a privacy solution that suits your type of privacy requirements as well as your aesthetic preferences. 

Neutral 20 

Our Neutral 20 Window Film is a classic reflective neutral grey Daylight Hours One Way Window Film that offers a superior glare reduction to improve any environment.

Silver 20 

Silver 20 is a reflective silver mirrored Window Film offering excellent heat and glare reduction, even in rooms that become uncomfortably hot during the summer months.

Silver 20 100 Micron Safety Window Film

Silver 20 100 Micron Safety Window Film is a combination Window Film, offering both privacy and safety features. As the above-mentioned Silver 20, this reflective silver mirrored Window Film offers excellent heat and glare reduction with the addition of upgrading glass in line with current Health & Safety Legislation (Regulation 14 – The Workplace Regulations 1992). Silver 20 100 Micron is therefore both a privacy and safety Window Film option. 

Silver 20 200 Micron Security Window Film 

As the above-mentioned Silver 20 and Silver 20 100 Micron Safety Window Film, our Silver 20 200 Micron Window Film variant offers additional anti-shatter protection in the event of an explosion or attack for added safety and security

Copper 20 

Our Copper 20 Window Film is a reflective bronze or copper mirrored Window Film with similar attributes to the silver and neutral Window Films but with the addition of an attractive bronze hue visible from the inside looking out.


This variant is a reflective silver Window Film.  This is a dual-reflective Window Film that, from the outside with a non-reflective charcoal finish from the inside. With this One Way Privacy Window Film, the glass inside does not turn into a reflective mirror in the evening. In terms of performance, RN07 offers excellent heat and glare reduction, along with a 99% reduction of UV transmission.

The above-mentioned Window Films are only a selection of our comprehensive range of Daylight Hours One Way Privacy Window Films. Please get in touch with the team for further details.

How Does One Way Window Film Work?

Daylight Hours One Way Window Film works on an imbalance of light. The side of the window you would like to see through needs to be darker than the side of the glass you want to make reflective (mirrored). To achieve this, there needs to be a light imbalance of at least 60:40. To produce the ‘one-way’ effect, we can use a premium mirrored or neutral Window Film to divide the inside of the property and the outside.

We offer a range of Reflective Solar Control Window Films that have a metallic content. The metal content is what makes these Window Films reflective. To achieve a one-way vision, the outside of the building needs to be brightly lit (by daylight or floodlit of an evening). Anyone passing by or looking into the window treated with Daylight Hours One Way Window Film from the outside will see a mirror while being able to look through the treated glass from inside through tinted glass (various colours are available).

The effect reserves when the light levels do, meaning when the light outside is less than the light inside (evenings and nighttime hours), people outside the property are able to see in and inside; you will see a reflection. Generally, in some commercial but most domestic environments, this is acceptable due to blinds and curtains generally being closed at night, allowing those inside the property privacy during the night.

The installation of Daylight Hours One Way Privacy Window Film quickly and easily changes the visual appearance of clear glass into a mirrored glass, preventing unauthorised viewing of restricted information or potential thieves from establishing the presence of valuable equipment.

Does One Way Window Film Work at Night?

One-Way Window Film is designed to provide privacy only during daylight hours, to protect those indoors from passersby looking in and reduce glare from the sun. 

There are, however, some ways that you can achieve complete 24-hour one-way privacy with One Way Window Film at night:

  • Place lighting outside and point it towards the filmed glass. Outside lighting should be approximately 40% brighter than any lighting inside; you will have to test and possibly increase the exterior lighting to get the effect you require.
  • Decrease the lighting within the property. If the lights are off within the property and there is a street light outside, passers-by will not see inside.

Key Benefits of One Way Privacy Window Film

  • Increased safety from potential thieves or intruders

  • Maximised privacy from passersby

  • Reduced energy usage and costs

  • Improved comfort indoors in homes and business premises

  • Increased strength of windows

Order One-Way Privacy Film for Your Home or Business Today

Sureguard Window Films® provide a range of Privacy Window Films with two distinct design characteristics:

  • One Way or Daylight Hours Privacy Window Films can allow people to see out of a window while restricting vision through the glass from outside.
  • Total Privacy Window Films are used to stop vision in both directions. Total blackout or frosted opaque variants are available. 

We offer both professional installation and supply only options for our One Way Privacy Window Films. If you are equipped to fit the Window Film yourself, order your Window Film directly from our website today or get in touch with the team to request a quote to book an installation. 

Got a question about the One Way and total Privacy Window Films that Sureguard Window Films® can provide for your business or home? Get in touch with us, and a member of our team will be happy to answer your queries. 

Downloadable One-Way Privacy Window Film Performance Data Sheets

Silver 20 Window Film

RN07 Window Film

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