UV Window Film

UV Window Film

As much as we may love the sun (especially in the dreary UK), ultraviolet light from the sun’s UV rays can cause irreversible damage to our skin and interiors, such as fading of furniture, furnishings and precious belongings over time. With UV Window Film, you can prevent up to 99.8% of UV rays from being transmitted into your home, hugely benefitting those living or working within the property on a day-to-day basis as well as helping to protect your furniture. Specialist Clear UV Window Film can reduce UV transmission by up to 99.8%, prolonging the lifespan of paintings, carpets, furniture, goods and displays as well as protecting skin from damage and ageing effects the sun’s rays can have.

We offer a range of specialist UV Window Films whether you are looking for clear or tinted Window Film, to block UV rays and increase the comfort levels in your property.

Why do you need UV Window Film?

Fading is related to the chemical makeup of an object. The technical term for colour fading is photodegradation. There are light-absorbing colour bodies called chromophores that are present in dyes. The colour(s) we see are based upon these chemical bonds and the amount of light that is absorbed in a particular wavelength.

Ultraviolet rays can break down the chemical bonds and thus fade the colour(s) in an object – a bleaching effect. Some objects may be more prone to fading, such as dyed textiles and watercolours. Other objects may reflect the light more, which makes them less prone to fade.

What Causes Fading?

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause many coloured materials or painted surfaces/goods to fade.

  • UV Light

  • Visible light

  • Heat (infra-red light)

  • Artificial light

  • Humidity and poor dye anchorage

The three main factors above cause somewhere in the region of 90% fading. Clear UV Window Film from Sureguard Window Films® can reduce harmful UV rays (transmitted through glass only) by 99.8%.

Key Benefits of UV Window Film 

The effects of UV radiation can be expensive. It can cause colours to fade in soft furnishings and artefacts. Clear UV Window Film filters out 99.8% of this UV light, making this ideal for shops, museums and other display areas.

  • Reduction and protection from harmful UV rays to protect interiors, furniture and displays from fading as well as skin damage

  • Reduction of heat energy passing through your windows to keep your property cool and maintain an even temperature with a Solar Control Window Film

  • Increased retention of heat energy to keep your property warm

  • Reduced glare from the sun to benefit homes and commercial buildings when, for example,  viewing screens

  • Increased privacy should you choose a tinted option

  • Manufacturer-backed warranty for between five and fifteen years – chosen Window Film type dependant

  • Expertly trained Window Film Installers

What Types of UV Window Film do we offer?

Clear or Tinted UV Window Film

The majority of our Window Films provide up to a 99% reduction in UV transmission. Therefore, tints and colours are also available for UV reduction.

Clear UV Window Film offers 99.8% UV reduction and protection at the crucial end of the UV spectrum (up to 380nm and 99% of the UV in the range 300nm to 400nm). 

The use of these products reduces the effects dramatically; they will not completely eliminate fading caused by UV, but with these Window Films the effects of fading are greatly reduced.

Dermagard Clear UV Window Film  

Dermagard Clear UV Window Film is a clear polyester Window Film coating that reduces UV transmission by 99.8% at 380nm. While doing so, Dermagard still allows natural light transmission and maintains a clear vision through the glass. We can install Dermagard Window Film internally to immediate effect. 

This Window Film is not only a great solution for UV fading but also suitable for those that suffer from light-sensitive conditions, including:

  • UV-sensitive syndrome (UVSS)

  • Polymorphic light eruption

  • Lupus Photosensitivity 

  • Actinic Prurigo

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE or lupus) 

  • Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP)

For most of these sufferers and their families, life can be extremely difficult, constantly having to consider specialist clothing and staying indoors. With UV Window Film installed in your home, school, place of work, swimming pool, or leisure club, sufferers of UV sensitive conditions can be protected and live a fuller life. Dermagard Window Film has been endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation for its health and safety properties. Financial support for this installation may be available through your local NHS Trust and/or council. 

Book a Professional UV Window Film Installation

Sureguard Window Films® install specialist fade protection Window Films; our specialist museum-level Window Films are popular in homes as well as offices, retail premises, museums, stately homes and art galleries as they offer superior UV protection from the damage that the sun’s rays can cause over time. 

Every installation includes a manufacturer-backed warranty for between 5 and 15 years (subject to material type). To find out more about UV Window Film, get in touch with Sureguard Window Films® today and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Downloadable Clear UV Window Film Performance Data Sheet

Clear UV Window Film

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