Can Solar Control Window Film reduce heat in summer?

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Can Solar Control Window Film reduce heat in summer?

Can Solar Control Window Film reduce heat in summer?

Now that we’ve had some warmer weather many of us are starting to think ahead to summer and the hotter days to come, and at Sureguard Window Films® we’ve started getting enquiries about whether our Solar Control Window Filmis able to reduce heat inside buildings.

Whether you’re dreading going to work in a stuffy office building, or your home itself gets a bit hot in the summer, our Heat Reflective Window Film (also known as Solar Control or Solar Reflective Window Film) is a great choice for keeping indoor temperatures cooler.

Solar Control Window Film in the workplace

Silver 20 Solar Control Window Film Installation

Before installation of Silver 20 Solar Control Window Film

Silver 20 Solar Control Film

After installation of Silver 20 Solar Control Window Film

There is often controversy over the best thermostat temperature for the heating in wintertime.  But one thing everyone can agree on is that it is uncomfortable to work in very hot temperatures.

The heatwaves in the summer of 2022 made work difficult in a variety of locations; whether you work at a desk in an office, or your job requires manual labour, it’s very difficult to stay motivated when you are simply too hot.

As well as being uncomfortable for workers, leading to a decrease in motivation, it makes life harder for the business too.

Studies have shown that on average, work performance decreases by 2% per degree increase when the indoor temperature is above 25°c (Seppanen et al., 2004).

A decrease in work efficiency across a team or office will be detrimental to the business as a whole, so it makes sense that many business owners are looking into what can be done to improve the comfort and the productivity of their employees.

The installation of Solar Reflective Window Films for offices and workplaces brings a whole range of benefits. Most importantly, the heat passing through the windows can be reduced by up to 86%, which makes a huge difference to indoor temperatures, improving the conditions for your workforce.

With the rise in energy costs and the cost of living crisis, this is sure to benefit many businesses who want to reduce their spending on energy and decrease their reliance on air conditioning to reduce temperatures.

As well as the benefits for indoor temperature, Solar Control Window Film also reduces the amount of light passing through your windows.  Those using screens for much of the day will be relieved to find that they are no longer troubled by glare, as reflections from screens is minimised.

Our Heat Reflective Window Films are available in many colours and grades, whether neutral, brighter colours, or mirrored – which also acts as a one-way privacy glass.  Many businesses benefit from increased security and reducing incidences of theft and other crime.

And the benefits of reducing UV light in the workplace are equally applicable in the home.  Business owners can protect both their employees and their business materials by reducing the harmful effects of UV rays.

Solar Reflective Window Film at home

Solar Control Film Installation

Before installation of Window Film

Solar Control Window Film Installation

After installation of Window Film

Over the past few decades, architects have realised that houses which are light and airy are much more enjoyable to live in, improving the mental health of the residents and bringing interior decorations to life.

As a result, many new houses have more windows than new builds did before the turn of the millennium.  These are fantastically light to live in, but many homeowners have noticed drawbacks come the hotter months where too much heat is let in through the windows, making temperatures uncomfortably warm.

Or perhaps you have a house with some large-scale glazed features such as a conservatory or orangery, bi-fold doors or a roof window lantern.

These look fantastic and can be a real asset to the home. But we all know the feeling of opening the doors into a conservatory and being hit by a wall of hot air.

Is there a way to keep these areas of our homes functional throughout the year, rather than having to abandon them when the sun comes out?

Many homeowners are now choosing a Heat Reflective Window Film for these areas.

These Window Films reduce the amount of heat and light coming through your windows.  This not only stops the heat from building up in your home, it also reduces the detrimental effects of UV light on your skin, soft furnishings, artworks and structural materials which can be damaged by the sun.

Silver 50 Window Film Silver 35 Window Film Silver 20 Window Film

How do Solar Control Window Films work?

Solar Control Window Films are essentially metalised or tinted sheets, which are applied either to the inside or outside of your window, to reduce the amount of light and heat that pass into the building.

A metal coating is applied to the polyester which creates a reflective effect where the solar light falls, whilst maintaining visual clarity from the inside of the building.

We also offer a range of specially selected Non-Reflective Window Films.

How do I know which Solar Reflective Window Film is best for my property?

At Sureguard Window Films® we offer a range of Solar Reflective Window Films to suit your needs; as well as a variety of tints, we provide both the Sentinel Plus QX 40 and Sentinel Plus QX 70.

You can compare the two specifications here:

 Sentinel Plus QX 40Sentinel Plus QX 70 – Solarguard
UV light rejection99%99%
Solar energy rejection72%63% (less change to the look of your windows than the QX 40)
Visual light transmission46%69% (the effects of glare are reduced even further than the QX 40)

Our Window Films are compatible with most modern glazing.

We are able to offer advice on site, face-to-face, or remotely (over the phone/Teams/Zoom/Skype, etc) to ensure film to glass suitability and compatibility.  The aim being to achieve top quality performance, product, and warranty/life span.

We would be happy to chat more about your Window Film needs; it can be confusing when you’re trying to work out which product is best to solve your problem.  Why not get in touch with us to talk about your issues.

We will be happy to advise you on a range of specifications which can serve you the best and help you to choose aSolar Control Window Film which makes your home or business property the perfect place to be this summer.