Is Autumn sun a problem for you and your business?

  • Autumn Sun Glare

Is Autumn sun a problem for you and your business?

It is hard to believe that too much sunlight during the winter months would be a problem but if you work on a computer or sit next to a window, even on the darkest days, winter glare from the sun that comes into your office or place of work through untreated windows can cause problems and be very frustrating when you’re trying to concentrate.

This is because during the winter the suns rotation is lower than in the summer so the sunlight we do get (welcome as it is) comes in straight through most windows.

Not only that, if there is snow on the ground sunlight bounces and reflects off it causing additional glare issues.

We have a solution!

Our solution reduces winter glare without blocking out the light – Solar Control Window Film. When installed by our team of experts the window film can provide numerous benefits:

  • Reduce sun glare by up to 80%
  • Reduce UV rays by 99%
  • Available in a variety of different shades
  • Reflects up to 20% heat back into the building (especially chilly conservatories)
  • Acts as one-way privacy film – you can see out, no-one can see in

If you’d like to find out more about our Solar Window Film please call us on 0330 088 1051 and we’ll be happy to help