What are the benefits of clear UV Window Film?

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What are the benefits of clear UV Window Film?

UV ProtectionThe promise of better weather and bright, sunny days is, fingers crossed, on the horizon as we step into Spring. But did you know it’s the ultraviolet part of the light spectrum (not visible to the human eye) that is responsible for causing the large majority of fading of artefacts fabrics and furnishings caused by the sun? Not only that, exposure to UV rays also increase the risk of cancer and cause premature skin aging and eye problems such as cataracts.

“We love the sun but sadly the sun doesn’t always like us – or our possessions” Says Emilie Holmes. “The great thing about our clear UV Window Films is even when installed you don’t know it is there. Clear UV Window Film does not alter the view through the window, it allows natural daylight in but at the same time prevent the harmful UV rays that can hurt us and damage our belongings.”

UV Light pie chartOur specialist clear UV Window Film can reduce harmful UV transmission by up to 99.9%, prolonging the lifespan of paintings, carpets, flooring, furniture, goods and displays whilst still allowing natural light in to your home, office, retail premises, museums and art galleries.

Every installation we carry out includes a manufacturer backed warranty for between 5 and 15 years (subject to material type).

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