Reduce overheating in summer with Window Film…

  • Rotherham Hospice - Heat Reflective Window Film installed

Reduce overheating in summer with Window Film…

…making life more comfortable at Rotherham Hospice

Sureguard Window Films® recently took the opportunity to provide Window Film to reduce overheating at Rotherham Hospice.

At Sureguard Window Films® we exist to make your property as comfortable as it possibly can be. Whether that’s by improving the privacy of your premises with a reflective Window Film or installing a Window Film which provides better insulation to a chilly office block. We want to help in any way that we can.

Rotherham Hospice has been providing palliative care since 1996, giving all their inpatients and day patients the best possible quality of life. 

Their staff are highly trained professionals who ensure that patients’ comfort, wellbeing, and dignity are upheld throughout their time with them.

Last year the Rotherham Hospice contacted us as some of their staff were struggling with the levels of heat in their kitchen. 

In the summer months many of us will start to overheat in building, more so when cooking a meal in a kitchen and so  this is amplified when catering on a larger scale. With multiple hob rings and ovens on the go, kitchens can soon become very warm.

And on top of that, at Rotherham Hospice the kitchen where their patients’ food is prepared boasts a South-facing window where the sun streams through, adding to the heat of the room and making the kitchen staffs’ work environment unbearably hot.

Before Rotherham Hospice had Heat Reflective Window Film installed

Before we installed Heat Reflective Window Film

The Rotherham Hospice contacted us to enquire about whether we could install a Window Film to reduce overheating in their kitchen, so we arranged an initial consultation visit to see the site and the job at hand.

After meeting the team to measure up the kitchen windows and show the samples of Window Films we could install, we decided to provide our products and services as a donation. We installed Solar Reflective Window Films to the kitchen window free of charge to the hospice.

Rotherham Hospice - Heat Reflective Window Film installed

After Heat Reflective Window Film was installed

Rotherham Hospice have fantastic staff who are always focused on providing support and comfort for their patients. We wanted to contribute towards the comfort of the staff, enabling to stay as cool as possible when working in the kitchen on hot days.

Using Window Film to reduce overheating

Sureguard Window Films® provide a range of Heat Reflective Window Films – also known as Solar Reflective Window Films or solar control Window Films.

The window films work by reducing and blocking solar heat and glare by using a tint which reduces the transmission of sunlight – and, therefore, the sun’s warmth – through the window and into the building.

At Rotherham Hospice we installed the External Silver 20 Reflective Window Film, on the South-facing windows of their kitchen. 

Silver 20 Window Film reduces solar transmission by up to 90%, making it one of our most effective Window Films.

The results at Rotherham Hospice

We checked in with the staff at Rotherham Hospice to find out how the Window Film had changed their working environment and heard from Joanne Appleyard who works in the kitchen.

Here’s what she had to say…

“The Window Film has had a massive impact on the heat gain in the kitchen and made it a much better environment to work in. We would like to thank everyone at Sureguard for this.”

Thank you Suregaurd Window Film from Rotherham Hospice

We’re absolutely delighted to have helped the valuable work of Rotherham Hospice by providing a Window Film to reduce overheating and make the work place a nicer environment.

The staff at the Rotherham Hospice work tirelessly to ensure the comfort of their patients and it is our pleasure to have improved their working environment in this way.

Could you install a Window Film to reduce overheating at your property?

If you find that your office building or home can become too warm, you should contact us to enquire about installing a Window Film to reduce overheating.  We would love to talk to you about our products and the different specifications that Sureguard Window Films® offer.

And it’s not just heat reduction which Window Films can help with; we provide a wide variety of Window Films for a whole range of purposes. From increasing or improving security and privacy to insulating buildings to keep them warmer, Sureguard Window Films® can advise on which products suit your needs best and provide all you need throughout the process of installation too.

We have 40 years of experience in the Window Film industry, meaning we’re exceptionally well-qualified to serve you whether you have a large office building or a small personal residence. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your project.

It was a pleasure to provide a Window Film to reduce overheating at Rotherham Hospice and we would be delighted to know how we can improve the comfort of your building too.