Why use window film?

Why use window film?

Why use window film?

Window film is a retrofit upgrade that is generally installed to flat glass in existing buildings.
Window film is clear or tinted and applied professionally to the glass surface of windows in vehicles and buildings to promote personal and property protection. Beyond its protective qualities, window films also come in many shades and colours to provide aesthetic enhancements, as well.

There are many types, grades, shades, colours and thicknesses of window films available today. Window films are a retrofit upgrade for existing glass that can be used to address a range of problems inherent to glazing, such as: Heat and Glare reduction, Thermal insulation, UV Filtration, Safety and Security, Privacy, Decoration, Graffiti protection
Window films are an extremely cost-effective method to reduce heating and cooling costs in existing buildings by reducing the amount of heat transfer through glazing.

Using window film in your home, commercial buildings, and vehicles helps to protect you and your property from the damaging effects of the sun. Over time, the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays contribute to the fading of interior furnishings, fabrics, artwork and flooring and can cause uneven or very warm temperatures within a building or vehicle. The sun can also damage your skin, and its glare can cause eyestrain. What’s more, window film can hold shards of broken glass together in the event of an accident, vandalism, or break-in.

What can be achieved through the use of window film?
• UV Reduction – meaning a reduction fading
• Solar Heat Control/Reduction
• Solar Glare Control/Reduction
• Privacy – one way or total privacy (from both sides)
• Light Reduction
• Increased Safety
• Health & Safety Compliance
• Increase Security
• Visual Security

So rather than suffering with irritating glare during Autumn Winter & Spring, or rather than changing your glass, why not consider the use of Window Film?

Our wide range Window Films means we can specify a solution to suit your needs.

Upgrade your existing glass with Sureguard Window Films® rather than changing it.

Upgrade your existing glass with Sureguard Window Films® rather than suffering.