Bomb Blast Window Film – the best choice for your property

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Bomb Blast Window Film – the best choice for your property

Why Sureguard Bomb Blast Window Film is the best choice for your property

Whether you’re working from a charming period property or a sleek modern plate-glass building, one thing that your business needs to consider is the safety of its windows, and many are realising that anti-smash Window Films are the best option for them.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon in many parts of the country to find windows smashed and glass scattered around business premises, whether due to intentional acts of vandalism or breakages occurring by accident.

And with the national threat level to the UK from terrorism classified as ‘substantial’, we are all becoming more aware of the need to safeguard ourselves and those who are on our premises.

Sureguard Window Films® provides may forms of anti-shatter Window Film to reduce the impact of broken glass panels, and these are our top three reasons why Sureguard Bomb Blast Window Film is a great choice for your business.

It’ll Bring Your Business Up To Scratch With New Legal Requirements

The government have announced a new legal duty which will place the onus on businesses to protect members of the public from the effects of terrorism in their venues.

The Protect Duty – now known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, in memory of Martyn Hett, who lost his life in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017 – will require those responsible for publicly accessible areas to take measures to protect the public from attacks which may occur on their premises.

For many business owners, this will mean modification to buildings in order to reduce the impacts of an attack on the people who may be in, or directly outside, the property at the time.

Protecting the windows of your building is a certain way to help prevent injury in the event of an attack.

Most bomb blast casualties these days are due to injuries sustained from flying glass, as modern buildings are built with a larger proportion of glass surfaces, which are vulnerable to breakage and can become lethal in the event of a bomb blast.

It is hardly surprising, then, that many businesses are looking to modify their windows and other glazed surfaces in order to make them less dangerous in the event of a bomb blast – and Sureguard’s Anti-Shatter Window Film is the perfect way to improve the safety of your building.

The Government are expected to release exact details of what Martyn’s Law will require of business owners in Spring 2023.

Our Bomb Blast Window Film for windows and Bomb Blast mitigation solutions are both fully certified to comply with British Security Service recommendations as well as British, European, and Ministry of Defence standards, so we can ensure that we will provide what’s needed to help your business to fulfil its duty to protect the public.

We Offer A Range Of Options To Suit You

Whilst some new businesses may be able to custom-build their premises from scratch to adhere to the expectations of Martyn’s Law, most business owners already have their premises up and running and would rather not go through the upheaval and expense of a major building project in order to install new windows and other glazed structures.

Sureguard’s Anti-Shatter Security Window Films are the perfect solution, providing minimal disruption during installation by our fully trained and experienced installers. All our Window Films are equally smooth to install, however, we do offer a range of specifications to suit your needs.

Bomb Blast Window Film

Bomb Blast Window Film

This is an Anti-Shatter Window Film which not only holds shards of broken glass in place, reducing the risk of injury, but also strengthens the pane itself, increasing the amount of force needed to break the glass in the first place.

Our Window Films are made from biaxially orientated PET, meaning that our Window Film has been stretched in two directions, making it strong and crystal clear.

Scientific studies have found biaxially orientated PET to provide ‘good mechanical strength, high transparency, and improved gas barrier properties’ (Gao et al., 2021), which are most commonly taken advantage of in the packaging industry, but are being put to good use in our Window Films to protect people and ensure public safety.

The thickness of our Bomb Blast Window Film can be to your specifications; we are proud to provide a bespoke service for your needs and can put together custom orders for Window Films varying thicknesses, starting from 175 microns in thickness.

Bomb Blast Mitigation Solutions

As well as our Window Film, we also offer a range of Edge Retention Systems, added security by holding the entire pane of glass to anchor it in place in the event of breakage, while the Window Film also holds the broken shards together.

This two-pronged approach provides maximum security to mitigate the effects of a bomb blast – not only are the small shards of glass held in place, the whole window or glazed pane is also held securely.

It also goes without saying that as well as potentially causing injury to others, having your premises covered in broken glass will inevitably mean that your business will need to pause while the building is decontaminated/recovered.

If our bomb blast solutions are in place, this ‘down time’ is minimised as the shards of glass stay in place in the pane, allowing for business to continue while repairs are arranged.

You Can Tailor Your Bomb Blast Window Film To The Aesthetics And Needs Of Your Business

Building with bomb blast window film

One concern around laminated Window Films can be how they look.

You may be worried that by adding a Window Film to your windows you’ll have to compromise on the aesthetics of your building, but with Sureguard’s Window Film that is certainly not the case.

Our Bomb Blast Window Film is crystal-clear, and not visible in comparison to glass panes without a Window Film.

To compliment the Clear varieties of Bomb Blast Protection Window Films, we do also offer coloured or frosted variants which offer the same anti-shatter protection, alongside extra privacy and/or solar control.

For example, some businesses opt for a Window Film which permits vision from only one side during daylight hours, whilst others may want a Window Film which provides heat reflection to reduce the carbon footprint and or energy bills of the business.

The installation of a Window Film really can be an opportunity to optimise your building in multiple ways as well as security.  For example, safety.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of increasing the security of your building concerning windows and other glazed panels.

It wasn’t too long ago that business owners were first required to ensure that buildings met fire safety regulations, and already we have seen the benefits of these measures, as well as what can go wrong when they are not adhered to.

Optimising our buildings for security during terrorist attacks and other blasts is, whilst a sad reality to have to face, a real opportunity for each of us to show care for those around us, and something which we will all see the positive impacts of in our lifetimes.

Sureguard Window Films® would love to hear from you about how we can improve the security and safety of your building. Contact us here to discuss the needs of your business and we’ll get started putting a bespoke bomb blast Window Film package together for you.