How Can You Stop Sun Glare Through Your Windows?

How Can You Stop Sun Glare Through Your Windows?

Whether your team is working in your office or at home, the sun glaring in can have a huge impact on your business’s daily productivity. Not only does it disturb what you’re doing and make simple things extremely challenging, but it can potentially damage your eyes too. 

Are you wondering how to stop sun glare through windows? At Sureguard, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you keep those sun rays under control. These simple but effective solutions will help reduce solar glare through your windows. 

Ways to Stop Sun Glare Through Your Windows

Install Window Films®

The most effective way to reduce sun glare, while still allowing natural light to enter your business or commercial space is by covering your windows in anti glare Window Films®. This can reduce solar glare by up to 90%. 

Window Films® can create stunning visual effects for decorative purposes or safety and solar issues. They’re also great at reducing the effects of window fading, which can happen when your employees’ belongings or office materials are left in direct sunlight. 

Window Films®are much more cost effective than glass replacement and can enhance the performance of your existing glass, and even reduce your carbon footprint. It’s that subtle, you won’t even know it’s there either!

At Sureguard, we offer a range of window films from privacy Window Films® to solar control Window Films®. Our Window Films® are a cost effective option to significantly reduce glare, while improving ambience. They’re available in a wide range of different styles: tinted, mirrored, reflective and many more. We also offer installation services nationwide. 

Consider Shutters

Although it’s quite a simplistic solution, shutters are a great way to block out the sun as you can open and close them when the sun becomes too strong to allow you to work effectively. 

They’re a great quick fix solution and can improve the overall aesthetics of your home, creating a warm and modern environment. Shutters are a great way to control light as they can be opened up to let in lots of natural light or closed for the perfect productive working environment. 

However shutters can be seen as impractical, especially during the day as they completely shut out all natural light. They’re also quite costly when compared to alternative options. 

Redecorate your office space

Although it seems strange, the colour of your walls can actually make a difference when it comes to sun glare. It may be worth considering redecorating your property in a lighter colour, as this can trick your eyes into being less affected by the sun beaming in. 

If you currently have a dark interior, your eyes may be struggling with the contrast. Having a brighter coloured room reduces this contrast, decreasing the amount of sun glare. 

Redecorating your offices to a brighter colour can have other benefits too, such as improving the look of your home and making the space appear much bigger. 

 Use Outdoor Plants and Trees

If you’re unable to change the interior of your property, why not change the exterior? Plant a tree outside in line with your window to block out any solar glare. This can significantly reduce sun rays and provide your room with the shade it needs, reducing bills and keeping you nice and cool during the summer months. 

Planting a tree is also an extremely eco-friendly option, reducing your carbon footprint and making you feel like you’re doing a positive for the environment. 

However, planting a tree can be an expensive option and it can also take quite a while to grow. 

 Still Looking for Help Reducing Solar Glare?

At Sureguard, we stock a wide range of anti-glare Window Films® perfect for reducing solar glare. Operating since 1983, we’ve undertaken thousands of Window Films® installations, so you can trust us to do the best job possible.

Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members for some expert advice on solar glare today. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.