Are you prepared for the Protect Duty / Martyn’s Law?

  • Protect Duty Legislation / Martyn's Law

Are you prepared for the Protect Duty / Martyn’s Law?

The Government has confirmed that the new counter terrorism “Protect Duty” or “Martyn’s Law” will be becoming law in Parliament.  The Protect Duty law aims to make venue owners and event organisers responsible for keeping people safe from terrorist attacks. It follows the Manchester Arena attack in 2017 where 23 people were killed. Currently there are no legislative requirements for organisations or venues to consider measures at the majority of public places.

The Government published its Protect Duty consultation findings stating the ‘majority of respondents support tougher security measures to ensure preparedness for and protection from terrorist attacks.’

What does the new Protect Duty mean for your business?

Venues and stadiums must demonstrate their readiness and preventative measures against terrorist attacks taking steps to mitigate the risk of terror attacks.  This can take many forms from installing barriers and providing training to staff members to installing bomb blast and security Window Films.

We have a range of Window Films to choose from that help businesses not only work towards meeting these requirements but may also prevent doors and windows from being damaged in criminal activities.

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