Keeping the heat in with insulating Window Film®

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Keeping the heat in with insulating Window Film®

Are you looking to reduce your overheads and boost your property’s energy efficiency? If so, you should consider getting insulating Window Film® installed.

It is estimated that as much as 30% of energy could be lost through a building’s windows, so improving your premises’ window insulation could effectively help to reduce energy wastage, lower running costs, and maximise savings.

Energy saving Window Film® is a great solution for any commercial or domestic space. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about insulating Window Film®, including its main uses, benefits and how Sureguard can provide you with an effective energy saving Window Film® solution.

What is insulating Window Film®?

Insulation Window Film® is a thin layer of plastic (in most cases polyethylene terephthalate) which is placed onto windows to regulate the heat and light transfer within a building. This energy saving window film can help to keep warm air in your premises in the winter and cool air in the building during warmer periods. 

By doing this, window insulation film can lead to significant energy savings by helping you maintain ideal temperatures within your space without having to solely rely on your heating and cooling systems.

Insulating Window Film® is applied onto your window glass. The film will not affect the quality of the glass, nor will it compromise the clarity or views. So, you can enjoy the excellent energy-saving benefits whilst also being able to get a clear view of the outside world.

How does insulating Window Film® work?

Insulating Window Film® works by lowering the amount of heat and UV rays that can penetrate your windows and flow through to your building. 

This energy saving Window Film® can help to effectively retain heat within your premises, enabling you to save on energy costs. It is estimated that some window insulation film can reduce the rate of heat transfer through your windows by up to 50%, whilst also being able to stop solar heat gain by up to 70%.

What are the benefits of energy saving Window Film®?

Whether you run a business, school or shop, investing in insulating Window Film® can bring many benefits to your commercial space.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key benefits of insulation Window Fil

  • Savings – Energy saving Window Film® can effectively help to reduce your energy bills. By reducing your energy usage, you can lower your overheads and maximise your company’s savings.
  • Energy saving – This is a fundamental benefit of energy saving Window Film®. By reducing heat loss during colder periods and helping to maintain ideal temperatures year-round, insulating Window Film® can enable great energy savings and effectively reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Enhanced comfort – Again, by reducing heat loss in your commercial property, energy-saving Window Film® can help to maintain desired temperatures throughout your building and keep your workers and visitors warm and comfortable. Numerous studies have shown that comfort can increase productivity in staff, so using insulating Window Film® to keep your temperatures at a comfortable setting can help to keep your staff engaged.
  • Various types and styles available – At Safeguard, we supply a varied range of insulation Window Film® to suit the needs of every commercial and domestic space. You can choose between privacy Window Film®, security Window Film®, UV Window Film®, bomb blast Window Film® and many more.
  • A cheaper alternative to fitting new windows – The cost of getting insulating Window Film® fitted onto your property’s windows can be significantly cheaper than getting new windows installed. Energy saving Window Film® offers similar benefits to double glazing and other forms of insulating window panels, however, you won’t have to invest as much in order to get insulating Window Film® installed.

How much could insulating Window Film® cost to install?

The cost of installing energy saving Window Film® in your property will depend on the number of windows and their size. However, on average, it could cost up to £200 per square metre to install insulation Window Film®.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to find out how much it could cost to install insulating Window Film® in your property.

Top Quality Insulating Window Film® from Sureguard

At Sureguard, we supply and install a range of top quality insulating Window Film® for both commercial and residential properties. Our energy saving Window Film® is an excellent solution for cost cutting, helping to reduce your energy consumption by improving your property’s heat retention. 

Our collection includes Window Films® which are both practical and decorative, so you can improve the efficiency of your building without compromising on style. Whether you’re in need of Window Film® for insulation, privacy or security, you’re sure to find an effective solution from our range.

View our superb range of insulating Window Film®, or get in touch with our expert team to find out more.