When a child with xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) is starting at your school

When a child with xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) is starting at your school

We’re becoming more and more aware of the causes of exposing ourselves to UV rays. One of our products here at Sureguard Window Films® is a Clear UV Window Film that reduces UV Transmission by 99.7%.

This Window Film is used for protecting against fading of fabrics, artefacts, furniture etc., however we are seeing an increased requirement for Clear UV Window Film for skin disorders in Schools, Colleges, Homes, Places of Work and other public places such as Hospitals.

Attached is a supporting document from Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust.

Also attached is a performance data sheet for Clear UV Window Film.


This is the ratio of the solar energy (wavelength of 300 to 380 nanometers) that is transmitted by a given glazing system to the total solar ultraviolet energy falling on that glazing system.
Sureguard Window Films® Clear UV Film blocks <99.7% of UV Transmission through glazing where Ultraviolet Radiation exists up to 380nm (Wavelength) .
Beyond 380nm (Wavelength) is where Visible Light becomes apparent and whilst this specialist window film continues to reduce UV Radiation it is at an ever diminishing scale.


From Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust (with thanks)

What is XP?

XP is a rare, hereditary skin condition where the body is not able to repair damage caused by the ultraviolet (UV) part of daylight. People with XP are more likely to get sunburnt or develop abnormal freckles on skin which is exposed to daylight. They can also develop eye problems due to damage from ultraviolet light. People with XP are more likely to develop skin cancers, particularly if they do not protect themselves from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. XP can also cause problems with the nerves or brain.

Since XP only affects one in 250,000 people it is very unlikely that you will already have any knowledge of the condition. You may want to find out more from the child’s parents, an XP clinical nurse specialist, the child’s consultant, the XP Support Group or the local community nurse.


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