Sureguard Window Films(R) goes domestic

Sureguard Window Films(R) goes domestic

From day 1, Sureguard Window Films® has aimed for the commercial market place in terms of installing high quality products to a high standard.

We are always introducing new Window Films and other glass related products to our range as well.

Throughout 2014, we are hoping to make some other dramatic changes, including more staff.

As well as aiming at the commercial market, we have realised even more so that over the past few years there is a definite demand for window film in the domestic environment.

Whether that be:

  • A bedroom being made into a bathroom and the glass needing to be made private using our 24 Hour Privacy Window Film
  • Clear pane of glass being turned Opaque by the flick of a switch
  • Solar Control (reduce heat and glare) in a Conservatory/Orangery
  • To increase security to protect again an intruder attack
  • To increase safety where young children are present at home
  • To project against exposure to UV where Skin Disorders are an issue
  • To protect fabrics and furniture from fading

It seems Sureguard Window Films® can help with ALL of the above and more.

We are currently collating feedback from our customers to then form case studies which we will be happy to publish on our web-site and/or blog for you all to see.

Another plus side, it seems as well using being in demand from our new and existing domestic customers, our Fitters are enjoying the ample amounts of tea coffee and biscuits offered during domestic installations.

Thank you all of your support.

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