Can using Window Film increase security at home?

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Can using Window Film increase security at home?

This recent article in the Express has some practical ideas about how to make your home more secure. One of suggestions is ‘Don’t rush to remove old curtains and blinds’ this makes sense – don’t leave your windows bare so people can look into your property. If however you don’t want curtains or blinds there is another option that prevents people from looking into your property you might want to consider frosted #WindowFilm – you’ll have all the privacy from curtains or blinds without blocking out the light. You can find out more about our Privacy Window Films here.

Another suggestion is to update your windows ‘single pane windows are a lesser-spotted feature in most properties, though some period homes are yet to install double-glazing.

Not only will double-glazing make your house more energy-efficient, but it is also likely to ward off tempted thieves.’ Double glazed windows are as the article says are more common in homes than single glazed windows, however upgrading windows at any time is an expensive exercise.

We have Security Window Films that are tested to with-stand brick, stone and scaffolding pole attacks. The results of which have shown, in most instances, no point of entry or as a minimum, an increase in time to gain access to premises via glass windows, patio doors. Click here to view our range of Window Films.

Everyone’s heating bills have gone up significantly and unfortunately it looks like this trend will continue. Insulating your home is one way you can reduce your heating bills as you’re actively reducing heat escaping from your home through things like your windows. Again, we’re back to you considering replacing your windows… an expensive option. We do have an alternative suggestion – we have Window Films that reduce energy loss through windows helping to keep heat in your home during winter they are LX70 Window Film and e-Lite 70 Window Film.

If you’d like to find out more about how our Window Films can help to secure your property or reduce how much heat is lost through your windows please call us on 0330 088 1051 and we’ll be happy to help you.