Can Window Film save me money on my energy bills?

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Can Window Film save me money on my energy bills?

After the recent surges in energy prices along with the challenges of the cost of living crisis, everyone is hoping to find ways to reduce energy bills.

One way to lessen the amount of energy used in your office or home is through the installation of Energy Saving Window Film and at Sureguard Window Films we have a range of energy-efficient Window Films to suit the needs of your property.

How do Energy Saving Window Films work?

Our Window Films are made from biaxially-oriented PET. 

This means that during its manufacture, the polyester is stretched in two directions to give it incredible strength and clarity. 

But as well as physically strengthening your windows, Sureguard Window Films can also save you money by reducing your energy costs – by keeping your property warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer.

Keeping you warm in the Winter

As temperatures begin to drop outside and we start to head towards Autumn, many of us are starting to ask the all-important question: when should we switch the heating on?

But this year more than ever it’s a question which may cause some anxiety, with rising energy bills putting the pressure on our wallets and perhaps keeping those radiators switched off for a little longer.

Of course, a better-insulated building will keep that all-important heat locked in for longer, meaning we’re less reliant on our heating systems, and in turn our energy bills are reduced.

Many homeowners are looking to better insulate their homes through loft or cavity wall insulation.  But what they may not have realised is that Window Films offer a brilliant solution by increasing insulation over the areas which lose most heat to the outside environment – windows.

Glass is a much better thermal conductor than brick or stone.  So glazed areas of buildings are the ones which lose heat much more readily.

Double or even triple-glazed windows are now commonplace on new-build houses.  But if you are looking to improve thermal insulation at a fraction of the cost of a replacement window unit, the installation of our Energy Saving Window Film is a fantastic solution.

Our Window Film is barely noticeable visually but improves the heat retention of the property by adding an extra barrier for heat to penetrate before it can escape to the outside world.

But Window Films don’t only save you money on your heating in Autumn and Winter; they reduce your energy bills in the warmer months too.

Keeping you cool in the Summer

Window Films reduce your reliance on air conditioning…

Lots of us love the summer, with its sunny days and long evenings – but if you work or live in a building which becomes stuffy when it’s hotter outside, you’ll also know that the warmer weather brings challenges of its own.

As the sun streams in through our windows we can begin to feel like we’re trapped in a greenhouse unless the curtains and blinds are closed all day to bring some much-needed shade. 

But living in darkness is not ideal and it’s certainly not going to provide a suitable working environment at the office either.

That’s why so many businesses have installed air conditioning systems in their buildings to keep the workplace cool.  

On average, work performance decreases by 2% for every degree above 25c in an indoor working environment (Seppanen et al., 2004). 

It’s essential to keep temperatures lower, but at what cost?

After the recent increases in energy prices, the cost of using air conditioning systems to keep buildings cool during the summer months is higher than ever before. 

It’s simply not affordable to keep temperatures down this way and as well as the financial cost, the use of energy to do so is a big contributor to a business’s carbon footprint too.

This is where our Energy Saving Window Film comes in. 

By reducing Solar Heat Gain through your windows, the temperature of the room is kept much lower. 

It really is the best of both worlds and ensures that your rooms will be kept much cooler, reducing the load on any air conditioning systems – and in turn reducing your energy bills too.

…and help you to tackle hotpots

Every building has areas which become warmer than others, be that through variation in insulation, a breeze from elsewhere, or proximity to a window.

And in the warmer seasons, those areas next to windows where the sun beams down can become unbearable. 

At certain times of day, some offices are faced with a whole row of desks which are barely useable unless the air conditioning is working hard to keep the office temperature low – whilst their colleagues sitting further from the windows are left shivering.

Once installed, our Energy Saving Window Film will smooth out temperature differences across your building. 

By reducing the amount of Solar Heat Gain through your windows, even the areas in full sun will not reach such high temperatures, meaning a more regular climate is maintained through the room.

You can be certain that Sureguard Window Films will install a product which will not only ensure the comfort of your employees no matter where their desk is located, but also reduce your energy bills through a decreased reliance on air conditioning to bring indoor temperatures down.

Our Energy Saving Window Films are an energy-efficient solution to prevent the problem of indoor overheating, rather than attempting to mitigate the issue after it has already occurred, by using an energy-sapping technique such as air conditioning.

Contact us about our Energy Saving Window Film today

Sureguard Window Films can help you to save money on your energy bills with our Energy Saving Window Film, which both insulates your property in the winter and prevents overheating in the summer.

We provide Window Films to a variety of specifications and we’re able to work with you to agree a suitable specification to enhance the performance of your glazing. 

Whether it’s pairing energy saving with increasing the privacy of your workplace/property, or making your building more secure, there are plenty of options which we would love to talk to you about. Get in contact today to speak to our experienced and knowledgeable Team, who will be delighted to help you choose the right Window Film for your project.