How Window Films can help insulate your property?

  • Reduce energy bills with window film

How Window Films can help insulate your property?

As temperatures plummet and the weather turns icy, it’s clear that winter is here.  You may be thinking about what can help insulate your property?

And with current energy prices keeping our bills high, many of us will be pulling yet another jumper on before we reach for the thermostat to pop the heating on.

Like many homeowners you may be wondering how you can better insulate your property to retain the heat in your house rather than relying on energy-sapping heating. Or perhaps you’re a business owner looking to improve the heat retention of your premises.

Whatever the building, look no further – it might just be that the installation of a Window Film is the perfect way to help insulate your property this winter.

Why insulate your windows?

There are many areas of buildings where heat can be lost to the outside environment, and if you’re looking into how to help insulate your property you may want to look into whether cavity wall or loft insulation would make a difference to the heat retention of your building.

But the spots which lose the most heat in any building will always be windows or other glazed areas.

This is because glass is a much better conductor of heat than masonry, so any warmth inside will be transferred to the outside of the building most easily through windows even when they’re closed.

We all know that closing curtains and blinds will protect from some heat loss, but is there a way to make the glass panels themselves less able to conduct heat, without spending huge amounts of money on replacement triple-glazed units?

How do Window Films reduce thermal leakage to help insulate your property?

At Sureguard Window Films® we specialise in providing and installing Window Films for a variety of purposes including heat retention (aka Insulation).

Would a Window Film change the appearance of your windows?

The appearance of treated glass following the installation of Window Film by Sureguard Window Films® can vary. Some products are clear or clearer than others. Other Window Films have either, a higher metal content or dye to achieve a greater performance. Whether the glass is tinted or clearer, the quality of our range ensures that visual quality is maintained when looking through our Window Films.

This is great news for those of us who want to maintain a clean look in our offices or homes – whatever the building, we have a solution to suit every situation to minimise aesthetical changes, when necessary.

In fact, many of our customers have stated in their reviews that they wouldn’t know that a Window Film had been installed as the appearance of their windows is unchanged.

Having said that, at Sureguard Window Films® we provide Window Films to a variety of specifications, so if your project requires a window tint or frosting for extra privacy we can also provide this alongside the benefits to thermal insulation that come too.

This may be particularly useful for bathroom projects, where it’s especially helpful to have both warmth and privacy.

In fact, Window Films were specifically recommended as a way to draught-proof a bathroom in this recent article from Homes and Gardens.

Our Frosted Privacy Window Films would be particularly well-suited to bathroom areas; they can be tailored to your specifications, with an appearance compared with acid etched glass and a variety of colours which all allow the transmittance of natural light into the room whilst maintaining privacy. You can read more about our Frosted Privacy Window Films here.

If Window Films insulate your property in winter, would they make buildings too warm in summer?

It might be hard to imagine at this time of year, but in the warmer months many of us struggle with the hotter temperatures and the idea of having heat trapped inside your building in the summer, as well as winter, may not be an appealing one.

Being too hot in work environments which are too warm can lead not only to discomfort but a drop in productivity. Equally, home can be unbearable when they are too hot.

Thankfully the installation of a Window Film reduces heat transmission will help to keep your property cooler when the weather is warmer.

By reducing the thermal conductivity of the glass, the heat of the sun outside the building is less able to enter your property in the first place, meaning a cooler internal temperature is maintained.

This means that using a Window Film to insulate your property is a great solution for keeping your building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

You can read more about this in our blog about how the installation of Window Film can save you money on your energy bills.

Who can you talk to about using Window Films to help insulate your property?

If you’re considering insulating your windows, Sureguard Window Films® would love to hear from you. Get in touch today on 03300 881 051 to speak to our friendly customer service team who can speak to you about the best options for your project.

We supply and install Window Films to all kinds of specifications, providing thermal insulation, reduced UV transmission, privacy frostings, and much more.

If you’re in need of any recommendations, look no further than our testimonials page where you can read plenty of customers’ reviews of our high quality service and products; we have 40 years of experience serving both residential and business properties on a huge range of scales, and our glowing reviews speak for themselves.

We look forward to hearing from you and advising you on how you can use Window Films to help insulate your property.