Can window film save me money on my energy bill?

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Can window film save me money on my energy bill?

Yes, if they are installed correctly and you choose the right kind of insulating Window Film for your property.

Now more than ever, people and businesses alike are looking at ways to reduce their escalating energy bills and usage in any way possible. As the weather gets colder, making sure your property is as energy efficient as possible will help you keep you warm and comfortable, without risking an unexpectedly high bill. 

We have a range of Energy Saving Window Films that improve heat retention by retaining radiated heat, meaning heat within your home or business is reflected back into the room, instead of letting it escape out of your windows during winter.*

During the summer, the same Window Film can reduce up to 72% of summer heat gain, helping to maintain a pleasant environment and making your workplace and spaces more comfortable.

How Does Energy-Saving Window Film Work?

Put simply, the more warmth your property can retain, the less energy you have to spend pumping heat into it to stay comfortable. 

Insulating Window Film is a clear, durable material designed to add an extra seal of protection to your windows. This allows sunlight to shine in with maximum visible light transmittance – causing minimal change to the way your windows appear, or the way you see through them. Choosing Window Films, some with a clear, unobtrusive finish allows you to enjoy the natural lighting of a room, while maintaining excellent energy-efficiency, heat control and UV reduction. 

Adding insulating Window Film to your windows can help you save in several ways; 

  • Limiting the need to upgrade your windows 
  • Retaining heat throughout each day 
  • Limiting the need for extra heating 

Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your business premises or home, and save on costs while also leaving behind a lighter carbon footprint for a better global environment? Contact Sureguard Window Films® today to discuss any queries you have, and provide you with a quote for energy-efficient film insulation.

Does Window Film Keep the Cold Out?

Insulating film is an effective way of retaining heat within your property. The majority of homes and commercial buildings in the UK have double glazed glass windows. Glass is an effective material to insulate against the cold outside, while letting sunlight through to warm the room inside, and bring in natural light. However, if you have floor to ceiling windows, or your windows cover a lot of floor space, you might have noticed a draught. Installing energy efficient Window Film adds another layer of protection to your windows, by stopping these draughts, and sealing the warmth in.

How Long Will Insulating Window Film Last?

Alongside keeping your bills down month by month, taking steps to efficiently insulate your home can help save you money in the long run. Window Film is made from extremely durable material. If your energy saving window film is installed correctly, it can last years. This depends on the location of your windows, and the elements they’re exposed to – please get in touch with our team for advice on your property. Warranties vary.

Our Range of Insulating Film for Windows

Our range of Energy Saving Window Films are available in a range of grades, from Reflective through to a clear, unobtrusive finish. If you’d like to find out more about Energy Efficient Window Film please call us on 0330 088 1051 and we’ll be happy to help.