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Types of Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Films can be divided into two very definable categories:

One Way Privacy (Daylight Hours Privacy)

Performance is achieved by Window Films reacting differently to variations in light levels. In basic terms, a reflective surface will be shown on the side of the Window Film which is “flooded” with the strongest light source (normally daylight). The opposite “dark side” of the Window Film you will be able to see through the glass in a normal fashion.

One way window films require a lux differential of at least 4:1 (60/40 ratio) in favour of the brightest side of the Window Film. During low levels of daylight and throughout the night, if artificial light is being used inside the room the effect will totally reverse.

Total Privacy (24 Hour Privacy)

These Window Films allow the total “blocking” of vision from both sides of the glass on which the material is applied. Options are available to provide these levels of privacy without reducing light transmission or at the other extreme total block out.

Both of the above are available in a massive variety of colours and styles, including frosted, blackout, and opaque.

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