One Way Privacy Window Film

One Way Film Performance Data Sheets

Privacy Film, change clear glass Into frosted, opaque, or mirrored full privacy OR one way effect glass.

Offices that are overlooked or are adjacent to pavements and passing foot traffic, where expensive equipment or sensitive information is in clear view, can be made more secure by using either Sureguard 24 hour or daylight Privacy Films.

The installation of daylight hours privacy one way Window Film quickly and easily change the clear glass into opaque or mirrored solar film/privacy glass preventing unauthorized viewing of restricted information and potential thieves from establishing the presence of valuable equipment.

Sometimes referred to as one way film Sureguard provide a range of Privacy Window Films with two distinct design characteristics.

One Way or daylight hour privacy can be achieved allowing people to see out of a window while restricting vision through the glass from outside. Alternatively, it may be acceptable to stop vision in both directions.

One way Film – To produce the ‘One-Way’ effect, a Premium mirrored OR Neutral Window Film is used to divide the inside of the house and the outside.

While the outside is brightly lit i.e. daylight anyone looking in from the outside will see a mirror since the image of the bright surroundings, the outside, is reflected by the mirror. People inside do not see their own reflections, instead they see THROUGH the window film, and can watch the people outside. The opposite is said when the lighting conditions change i.e. night fall. People can start to see in while those inside see a reflection. There are ‘tricks and tips’ that acheive full 24 hour one way…place lighting outside and point it to the filmed glass. Outside lighting should be approximately 40% brighter than any lighting inside BUT you will have to test and increase the outside lighting to get the effect you require.

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