Sureguard Window Films: 40 years of industry expertise and excellent service!

  • Sureguard's 40th anniversary

Sureguard Window Films: 40 years of industry expertise and excellent service!

2023 will be remembered as a special year for many reasons: the coronation of King Charles III, all the excitement of the Women’s World Cup, and of course the long hot summer which brought us the Barbie vs. Oppenheimer debate.

And for us at Sureguard Window Films it’s a particularly significant year as it marks 40 years since our business began. 

We are thrilled to be celebrating this landmark, and so proud to have been supplying and fitting top quality Window Films to the highest of standards for four decades.

One of the longest running Window Film companies in the country

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, homeowners were looking to better insulate their windows as a more economically viable alternative to heating their homes, and Window Films were invented as a way to achieve this.

Soon afterwards, Sureguard Window Films was founded, making us one of the only Window Film companies who have been at the forefront of this evolving industry for such a large proportion of its existence.

Drawing on such a long-term overview of the industry means we are able to select the best products as they are brought to market and make them available to the public along with our expert advice, formed by the experience we’ve collected over the years.

We pride ourselves on providing a fully tailored service where clients can choose a Window Film to their exact specification. 

Whether you’re looking for better insulation, security, privacy, UV transmission reduction, tinted panels, or graphics we can find and fit the Window Film that’s perfect for your property.

And as Sureguard Window Films have offered such a comprehensive service since 1983, we have amassed a huge range of clients from large scale national companies to small residential properties, all of which we have shared our expertise with.

The story of Sureguard Window Films

In 1983, the Hannon family registered a company under the name of Sureguard Energy Services Limited – a name which echoes the original basis of Window Films’ existence as outlined above.

This company is now known as Sureguard Window Films and over the last 40 years, whilst the world has changed almost beyond recognition, we have continued to provide a steady service to those who need it.

Sureguard Window Films has been owned by Aimee and Emilie Holmes since 2012, who have been working at the company since 2000 and 2008 respectively. 

Between them their huge wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry mean they’re able to lead the company and maintain the reputation of quality products and service that we have become known for.

Aimee and Emilie are taking the anniversary as an opportunity to look back on how far the company have come, as well as looking ahead to the future:

Forty years of unparalleled customer service

There are many companies which may claim to have experience and expertise, but if there’s one thing which will ruin a business’s reputation and eventually end it for good, it’s poor customer service. 

The fact that Sureguard Window Films has been running for forty years now is a clear signal that not only our products but our service is exemplary, and this is because from the very beginning we have prioritised a positive relationship with our clients as a bedrock of our business.

And it’s wonderful too, to have customers who have returned to us over the lifetime of our business drawing on our experience again and again in the knowledge that we will be able to select and install the best products for their properties.

You need only look to our online reviews to find sentiments such as these, which characterise the approach we have always had with our customers across a variety of contexts:

‘From the start of the quoting process right through to final installation, the level of customer service, response, care and attention to detail has been excellent.’ – Andrew Hampson

‘I would like you to know that the personnel that came on site from Sureguard, would be welcomed back at any time. Although working under a time constraint for completing the job, and under the additional pressure of working in a school, where Health and Safety compliance with children around, can be difficult, they always presented themselves as cheerful and understanding. They fully understood the need for their equipment to be stored/used away from the children, and were very helpful in suggesting work arrangements.’ – Elana Fligg

Building positive relationships with our customers has always been a priority for us and we are so proud of the glowing reviews that we have received over the lifespan of our company.  You can read more testimonials from our clients here.

Recognising the quality service provided by Sureguard Window Films 

It’s not only our customers who are proud to recommend us; we are accredited by multiple organisations who, over the last 40 years, have recognised our work as reputable and sound.

We are thrilled to have been accredited by the Glass and Glazing Federation, Constructionline (Gold Membership), Contractors Health and Safety (CHAS), Construction Skills Certification Scheme, and Safecontractor & SafePQQ.

You can read about our certifications and find out more detail about each of these accreditors in more detail here.

If you’re considering the installation of Window Films on your property, we would love you to join the huge group of satisfied customers who have worked with Sureguard Window Films over the last 40 years. 

It’s clear to see that when it comes to combining industry experience with warm and capable customer service, there really is no-one else who provides what we do. Contact us today to discuss your next project – we would love to hear from you.