Solar Window Film Gallery

Solar Window Film Gallery

Our mirrored and neutral heat and Anti Glare Solar Control Window Film provides a quick and effective solution to reduce heat infiltration and glare. Sunlight is a natural source of energy, which is why it is important to allow an appropriate amount into your building. Our Solar Control Window Films control the sunlight to prevent overheating and glare, while providing a lovely ambience and allowing you to have access to the world outside. View our examples of previous work below, including projects undertaken on both commercial and domestic properties. You can see the different perspectives with the Silver 20 model below, showing both the interior and exterior of the mirrored Window Film.

Sunlight is a single source of natural energy and we need to allow this into our buildings for several reasons. It provides lighting for tasks and can also be used to create energy. Solar Control Window Film can be used to control both heat and glare. This is done by using reflective Window Film that is designed to reduce solar heat and glare through the glass. This improves the ambience and creates a more comfortable environment. 

We offer a range of Solar Control Window Films, including:

  • Reflective
  • Non-Reflective
  • Spectrally Selective
  • Insulating
  • Energy Efficient
  • Tinted or Coloured
  • Mirrored

Solar Control Window Film has other benefits alongside of controlling heat and glare. It also acts as a Daylight One Way Privacy Window Film. This achieves a one-way vision during daylight hours, which is great for security and privacy. It protects your space and the people in it by making sure people who walk past cannot see into the building. You are still able to see the outside world from your side of the window, so it works perfectly. As well as this, Solar Control Window Film can reduce the load on cooling systems, helping reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint.