Does Your School Need to Check its Glazing?

Does Your School Need to Check its Glazing?


Head teachers have been instructed to inspect the safety of their school glazing, after a pupil was injured when her hand went through a glass panel that was not protected by Window Film.

The incident at Valley Primary School, in west Norwich, happened on the 28th of April. According to the information Norfolk County Council sent to all schools, the girl had suffered “significant cuts to her hand and forearm as result of running into a fire door and her hand going through a glass panel.”

The bulletin said a sticker on the glass panel in the door indicated that a Safety Window Film, which would have prevented the glass from shattering, had been applied, but it later turned out it had not.

A council spokesman has said: “We are pleased to report the pupil concerned is now back at school.”

The council reported the incident to the Health and Safety Executive, the inspector Paul Carter said: “Given the nature of the incident, which did not meet the incident selection criteria, the internal investigation, and action taken to re-inspect the glazing throughout the school to ensure it was correctly filmed, and an investigation was not required.”

The council bulletin, sent out earlier this month, said “all schools must check their glazing in critical areas”.

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