Health and Safety at Sureguard

Health and Safety at Sureguard Window Films®


Over the past 30 years as a company, Sureguard Window Films®, we have not had any serious injuries or incidents (touch wood). Along with striving to achieve the highest level of quality interms of products and service, we also subscribe to a legal and health ethos of work. We ensure that all staff are fully training and briefed on:

  • existing Health & Safety workplace Law
  • new Health & Safety Workplace Law
  • internal policies and procedures
  • site specific requirements


Here at Sureguard Window Films®, we embrace Health & Safety. We feel our commitment to Health & safety is evident in our subscriptions and accreditations.


We have internal polices which are continually monitored internally and externally our Health & Safety Policies and documents are audited annually by our Consultants, Duke Health & Safety


Sureguard Window Films® has been CHAS Registered for the past 12 years.


100% of staff are CSCS registered meaning access to building sites is not issue. All staff are CSCS trained to the relevant level.


We have been Constructionline approved since  1 August 1990.



Posted By Sureguard
August 31, 2013

Sureguard is ISO9001:2008 Quality Assured

Sureguard Window Films® was one of the first Window Film companies to become Quality Assured.  This was in 1992 when we achieved registration to BS5750 which in this day and age is ISO9001:2008

Today Sureguard Window Films® prides itself on maintaining registration to ISO9001.


We are independently audited by our UKAS accredited certification body NQA on an annual basis.  This involves reviewing the policies and procedures of our Quality Management System.

This annual audit was undertaken recently and due to the hard work and dedication of personnel in working to these policies and procedures continued registration was recommended with no non-conformances being raised and no corrective actions required.  So a big √ for us.

We strive to make improvements to the Quality Management System for both the benefit of our business and valued customers.


Posted By Sureguard
August 6, 2013

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