COVID-19 Good News Story..

COVID-19 Good News Story..


We are all aware of the devastating effect the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the world and specifically on the United Kingdom – and we all want to do our bit to help where we can – these are unprecedented times we are living in.

As a nation we are aware of the strain this pandemic is putting on our country as a whole, and in particular on our beloved NHS – we’ve all seen in the media that the supply chain getting vital PPE to the frontline workers who need it the most is under extreme pressure – so what can we do to assist and try to relieve any part of that burden?

Sureguard Window Films® have been working along side Smashgard Window Films who have come up with a solution – we have materials and resources at our fingertips that is allowing us to hand make visors which we will be donating to as many NHS Trusts across the UK once the details are finalised.

Smashgard Window Films have designed a prototype which mimics the NHS visor which is in high demand and short supply.

We have been working with Smashgard Window Films along with our main suppliers:











Thank you!!

Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Lets help to save lives ❤






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