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The use of Sureguard Window Films® can save lives.

The current political Worldwide climate has made it more critical than ever for us all to ensure we protect ourselves and our properties against terrorist attacks.

Sureguard Window Films® Bomb Blast Window Film will hold glass together in the event of a break and will often remain in the frame, dramatically reducing injury and damage as well as minimising ‘down time’.

“Modern buildings make much greater use of glass than older buildings, which means that most bomb casualties nowadays are caused by flying glass.” – Security Service Website

In the event of an explosion due to terrorism or any other cause, a large percentage of injuries are caused by lethal shards of razor-sharp flying glass from windows or other forms of glazing.

Bomb Blast Window Film Properties

With Bomb Blast Window Film from Sureguard applied to glass, the forces required to break the glass are increased due to the additional imparted strength of the biaxially oriented polyester protection film. Bomb Blast Protective Window Film and bomb blast mitigation solutions fully comply with British Security Service recommendations as well as British, European and Ministry of Defence standards.

Sureguard Window Films® offers a range of Bomb Blast Window Films varying in microns (thicknesses) and performance. Sureguard Window Films® also offer a number of combined ‘1 fits all’ Bomb Blast combined Heat Reflective/Privacy Films. All our Bomb Blast Window Films vary from 175 microns to 350 microns, which we are happy to discuss/specify depending on your individual situation and level of protection required.

We offer a survey service where one of our trained members of staff will visit your property and specify the most effective solution taking into account, performance; time scales; budgets etc.

Sureguard Window Films® installations are backed by a full warranty and aftercare service.

Benefits of using Sureguard Window Films® Bomb Blast Window Film:

  • Minimises injury
  • Minimises ‘down time’
  • Clear finish
  • Coloured/combined variants available (Solar Control and Privacy)
  • Minimal disruption during installation
  • Fully trained and experienced Installers
  • The satisfaction of using a well established reputable organisation
  • Full warranty (length of warranty dependant on film type).

Bomb Blast Edge Retention Systems

This is an anchoring system that marries high-performance Bomb Blast Window Film with a mechanical “clamping” solution to provide maximum levels of security and safety, mitigating bomb blast impact.

As window systems vary in design and construction on each building, Sureguard Window Films® can work with you to carefully select the most effective method of edge retention which is most suited to the frame design. This will allow us to ensure that optimum level of protection is achieved. This system works by using the Bomb Blast Window Film to hold the glass fragments together while the edge retention system retains the entire pane of glass and the Window Film within the original framing structure.

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