Summer is Here – Great! But is Your Office Red Hot?

Cool down your staff & work environment with a Solar Control Window Film.

A happy work force, means increased productivity & is a healthier for them.

Heat Reflective Window Films are tried & trusted solution within thousands of businesses across the UK & are used by millions of organisations throughout the world to combat the effects of heat and glare from the sun.

Additionally, Solar Control Window Film can also act as a Daylight One Way Privacy Window Film. Achieving one-way vision during daylight hours and protecting you and your valuables from prying eyes, while still allowing vision to the outside.

Solar Control Window Film reduces the load on air conditioning and cooling units helping to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

In the summertime, solar heat & glare can make life uncomfortable at the office, home or shop floor. As the temperature rises, working efficiency falls. Often hot temperatures bring out hot tempers.  Even window blinds cannot keep you cool; they just keep out the light.

Existing buildings can be transformed by the installation of a Solar Control Window Film.

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Posted By Sureguard
June 22, 2018

Sureguard Window Films® has successfully transitioned to ISO9001:2015

Sureguard Window Films® has successfully transitioned to ISO9001:2015.  Sureguard Window Films® has held ISO since 1993 – 25 years – and was one of the first Window Film companies to become Quality Assured.


Sureguard Window Films® prides itself on maintaining registration to ISO9001.

Copy of certificate – NQA 2018 to 2021

We are audited, annually, by NQA.  This year this involved rewriting our Quality Manual and reviewing the policies and procedures of our Quality Management System.

This annual audit was undertaken recently and due to the hard work and dedication of personnel in working to these policies and procedures continued registration was recommended.

We strive to make improvements to the Quality Management System for both the benefit of our business and valued customers.

Posted By Sureguard
June 14, 2018

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