Security and Bomb Blast Protection Window Films

Unfortunately we are at these times under the constant threat from terrorists, racist and Anti Semitic attack, Sureguard Window Films® offers a range of Security and Bomb Blast Protection Window Films.

In the event of an explosion (chemical or bomb blast) a major cause of injury or death is flying glass. The force of an explosion can propel lethal shards of glass over a large area almost instantly, causing devastating effects on the property and fatal injuries to personnel and passersby.

Security Window Films are available to suit numerous performances and specifications. Our range includes Standard MOD Approved Clear Security Window Films and Combined Privacy/Solar Control variants to achieve the very highest performance through the latest technologies. Our combined variants mean that not only are you and other building users protected in the event of an incident / attack involving glass, but also offer added Solar Heat and Glare Reduction, along with UV reduction.

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Posted By Sureguard
November 19, 2015

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