Project Management

Project Management


Sureguard Window Films® offer a range of products and services that are often combined as a Project.


We supply and install a wide range of solutions:



We are based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and cover the whole of the UK (including none mainland).


For larger projects/contracts Sureguard Window Films® would assign a Project Manager to oversee the day to day running, not necessarily on site.


We offer services such as:

  • ·         Site Visits
  • ·         Compatibility checks before specifying a material
  • ·         Samples left on site, or posted
  • ·         Glazing Audits
  • ·         Trial Installations
  • ·         Supply and Installation
  • ·         Peel Tests – to test effectiveness of old/expired installation


From each site visit/survey we complete, we aim to provide our clients with:

  • ·         Product specification
  • ·         Time scales for work to be completed
  • ·         Access equipment required for safe working
  • ·         Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • ·         Working hours
  • ·         Cost per installations/building for the suggested work


As well as a Project Manager, Sureguard Window Films® would allocate a Full Time On Site Supervisor to manage the work on site and liaise with staff/occupants on site.


Dependent upon timescales, update meetings can be arranged on site to ensure the project is progressing efficiently.


Window Film, once installed, goes through a curing process, during which time bubbles may become apparent. These will dry out within the weeks following the installation.


If at any time there are any concerns raise by our clients about an installation we would aim to revisit the site to assess the installation.


All internal installations are warranted for a minimum of 10 years with an expected life span of 15-20 years.  Whereas Window Film installed externally, is warranted for a minimum 5 years with an expected life span of 8-12 years.


In the 30 years Sureguard Window Films® has been established we strive to achieve the highest possible quality, bring on new clients and also retain existing customers.



Posted By Sureguard
June 24, 2013

Manage Costs and Improve Comfort with Solar Window Film

Solar control may not be a requirement that instantly springs to mind when you consider the UK weather (we are wondering if summer is ever going to start) but solar glare can cause problems even if it’s not hot outside. An unprotected window can lose heat in winter and cause a room to overheat in summer, increasing the occupant’s dependence on both central heating and air conditioning. The sun’s glare can also be incredibly uncomfortable, particularly for office workers who cannot simply pick their desk up and move themselves into the shade.

solar window film in situ

So, what’s the solution?

The Sureguard team are increasingly being approached by both domestic and commercial customers about the supply and installation of solar window film and it really does make great sense. With less dependency on gas or electric powered heating and air conditioning customers can make savings on their utility bills whilst also improving the comfort and practicality of the room. Reduced glare from the sun also helps to prevent fading of furniture, carpets and wall paper.

Sureguard offer a range of solar window films, with features including:

  • Reflective and non-reflective
  • Insulating
  • Energy efficient
  • Spectrally selective
  • Tinted or coloured
  • Mirrored
  • Made-to-measure
  • Fully fitted

We only use the very best brands when fitting solar film, offering up to 90% reduction of glare. To speak to one of the team about fitting solar film to your windows please contact us on 0844 800 9066.

Posted By Sureguard
June 18, 2013

Skin Cancer Foundation Recommends Window Film

Sureguard Window Films® installs UV Window Film which is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

The sun has many effects and benefits, including increased productivity & reduced gas & electricity bills.  But UV rays from the sun can damage to the skin & assets if they are not protected.

UV rays penetrate buildings through glass windows, which exposes occupants and users to UV radiation.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV radiation wavelengths that penetrate the atmosphere & play an important role in skin conditions are classified as A & B.

UV rays also fade furniture, wallpaper, artwork, fabric, flooring, and merchandise, etc, in windows and window displays.

“To see the damage that untreated glass can do, take a close look at the furnishings in your home that are hit by direct sunlight,” says Perry Robins, MD, President of The Skin Cancer Foundation. “If the sun has faded the color of your sofa, it can just as easily damage your skin when you sit there.”

Window Film is one way of reducing the effects UV damage. It can block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays while offering an unobstructed view as it is optically clear. Therefore, UV Window Film, also known as Museum Window Film, being a clear Window Film does not affect light levels. Therefore providing protection within changing the appearance of your windows.

Window Films can also reduce solar heat gain & glare. please contact us at Sureguard Window Films® for more details.

Please note: There may be restrictions concerning the suitability of Window Film products to certain glazing types. Please call us for further information of see our data sheets for glass compatibility details.

From Skin Cancer Foundation Web-site

Ultraviolet rays (UVR) are sneaky. Not only can they cause skin cancer and visible signs of aging, they’re also very good at finding you. They can bounce off water, off sand, and they can penetrate glass. Which means that even if you’re inside your car or house, if you’re sitting next to a window with sunlight streaming in, you’re at risk for UV damage. Window film is an increasingly effective solution, offering substantial indoor protection by blocking up to 99.9 percent of UVA radiation.’


Skin cancer foundation

Posted By Sureguard
June 10, 2013

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